Sketching at HandHeld 2013

We went along to Handheld conference in Cardiff to hear about ‘Big ideas for Small devices’. Here’s an overview of the conference talks, shown as sketch notes by the lovely and talented Luke Murphy.

Syd Lawrence: Who misses playing “Guess Who?”

The opening talk to Handheld. Go Syd!


Jeremy Keith: The Long Web

Jeremy talked through the over-arching trajectory of web design and the design and development principles that have stood the test of time.


Jon Hicks: Icon Design Process

Jon talked about icon fonts in design and why you would need to create your own, guiding us through the various stages of creating a new icon set for a company.


Mark Boulton: The Business of Responsive Design

Mark showed how adopting a responsive approach to design can challenge your organisation and how the choices a designer makes can have far-reaching consequences from the news-room to the bottom-line.


Ling Valentine: When responsive sites work as well as a chocolate iPhone

Ling from LINGsCARS showed us why you need un-responsive websites


Eddie Machado: Crafting your Toolset

Eddie gave us an insight into his creative process and how he went about building the Handheld 2013 site.


Andy Clarke: How to call your client an idiot without getting fired

A lot of tools and methodologies that web devs have previously used have been rendered ineffective by the rise of mobile, tablet and responsive design. Andy shared his experience of utilising new methodologies or collaborative working.


Jeffrey Zeldman: Ten Commandments of Modern Web Design

Jeffrey inspired us to think non-canonically about responsive layouts, to avoid bearing false visual witness, to keep the content holy. Wow.


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