Join Ubelly and The Soapbox at Industry Conference 2013

Industry Web Conference takes place on the 23rd & 24th April 2013 in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and kicks off on the 23rd with a Windows 8 workshop from one of our Microsoft Evangelists, Andrew Spooner. Andrew will be running this day long session to introduce you to the new Windows 8 OS and the design and UX patterns that exist in Windows Store apps. The content of the workshop will be split into two with the morning giving an overview of the Modern UI and explore the new Windows experience and design principles. You will also be able to familiarise yourself with the development environment so you can understand how to download and run sample apps. Whilst the afternoon will build on the essential idea for an app and hep guide you through the process of turning it into a Windows Store application that will stand out from the crowd. You can sign-up for the Workshop here and use the code “Ubelly” to get yourself a discount.

On the evening of the 23rd April, you’ll be able to chill out and network with a few drinks and some nibbles. The morning of the 24th sees an interesting a dynamic line-up of speakers take the stage in the awesome Turbine Hall; where you’ll be taking up comfortable residence to listen to the following 8 speakers throughout the day:

It’s going to be a conference with a perfect mix of workshops and talks with catered breaks and lunch, which of course will feature the Ubelly Soapbox.

The Soapbox

If you’d like to get up on our Soapbox at Industry Conference and give a talk, there is still space to sign-up. What should you talk about? Well, that’s for you to decide! You’ll have 5-10 minutes and we want you to be passionate, with no sales-y product pitches. We’ll also be signing up people at Industry on the day, if there is space – so keep an eye out for The Soapbox!

Ticket Offer

As a proud sponsor of Industry Conf 2013 you can get 50% OFF on your conference and workshop tickets by using the code “Ubelly” when ordering tickets here - this offer is only available for the next 10 days.

If you’re coming along then, we’ll see you also for drinks and food at the end of the day at another local venue where it’ll be great to catch up with you all.

See you there!
Team Ubelly

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