Newly Launched! UK Windows App Builder Reward Programme

Show us that you’re a game changer and collect points every step of the way of your Windows 8 app building journey to redeem rewards like a brand new Lenovo Tablet 2. Create the next app phenomenon by building your original and unique Windows Store and/or Windows Phone app – and get recognised and rewarded for your hard work. Not only that, but you’ll get bonus rewards for migrating your Windows Phone app to Windows Store and vice versa or incorporating one or more Windows Azure Services.

4 Simple Steps to Start Earning Points for your Awesome Apps

1. Register yourself on the UK App Builder Reward Programme website.

2. Build & publish your original & unique app.

3. Claim points by telling us about the app you’ve published and we’ll award points to you accordingly.

4. Redeem your points for a range of fantastic prizes and gadgets.

Build & publish an app between Monday 4th Feb 2013 and Tuesday 30th Apr 2013 to be eligible for points you can redeem for rewards. Here are the different ways you can earn points:

To recognise your hard work, the more apps you publish, the more points you receive. The more points you get, the more exciting rewards you can claim. Here’s a brief selection:

In addition to the fantastic selection of rewards and experiences you can redeem using your points, we’re also offering some bonus rewards to give your journey to publishing great apps that extra boost.

The UK App Builder Rewards Programme finishes on the 30th April so get your thinking caps on and we look forward to rewarding your awesome apps very soon.

UK App Builder Rewards Programme

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