Events Roundup

It may be a short month but there are plenty of events packed into it!

8 –10 February – GameHack London

This overnight hackathon is sold out, but if you’ve got tickets prepare to build some games! Excited to see what will be built from this marathon hackathon.

11 February - Build Open Source Apps on Microsoft’s Cloud

If you’re a developer using PHP, Python, Ruby, node.js – pretty much any non-Microsoft language – get yourself down to this event to find out how you can deploy anything to Windows Azure, using both Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service for both Windows and Linux.

18 February – Digital Wallet Foundry

Digital Wallet Foundry runs over three weeks in February, March and April – developers and designers can come together with industry to talk mobile payments, identify the challenges and build the solutions.

20th February – Ubelly Ignite

After a successful Ignite Ubelly in August, Ubelly are back for a first bite of the 2013 apple on February 20th. We’ve got some great speakers lined up for the event, plus some food, drink and a giveaway. See you there!

21 – 24 February – GEEK (Game Expo East Kent)

Meet, make and play at East Kent’s Game Expo in Margate. Check out the latest in Geekdon, from robotics to flip books, and 1000’s of games to play. Play the rare and obscure, enjoy current games and apps and meet some of the people who made them.

If you want to get your event listed here give us a shout @ubelly.

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