Critters 2012 makes way for Critters 2013

The Critters

Last year we saw 100 folks from web design and development in the UK descend on Cargo in London’s east end for our annual award ceremony The Critters. Some astoundingly brilliant costumes were on show, photo booths were fired up and shapes were thrown to The Critters’ resident DJs.

Oh yes, and we also gave out some awards to a host of very deserving web folk in categories ranging from Web Personality of the Year to Next Big Thing. A lot of fun was had on the night, as anyone can see by looking through the photographer’s snaps from the night or the photobooth photos.

The good news is we’re back with more Critters action this year, including brand new categories such as Indie Game of the Year and App of the Year. Without giving too much away, we’ve got some great plans for making this the best Critter Awards yet. Let’s just say, things are going to get a little fancy and you’ll need to crack out your dinner jackets, ball gowns and bow ties. So get nominating for The Critter Awards 2013.

We can’t wait to see you there.

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Liam is a new member of the Ubelly writing team. He has a background in web, online publishing and social media; spending his time tinkering with Wordpress, Foursquare, Facebook and his DSLR. He has a love for all things creative and visual.

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