Contre Jour V2 – Petit’s Valentine

“This has to be the best game I have purchased. It is so beautiful in its simplicity it is a work of art. The voice is captivatingly funny. The music is hauntingly magic.” 5 star average customer review


You may have heard of Contre Jour – it won iPad Game of The Year in 10 countries in 2011 and was Best Mobile Game of E3. Back in October last year the IE team build a groundbreaking HTML5 multi-touch site for Contre Jour.


Given the resounding success of the game worldwide, game creator Maksym Hryniv (Max) and the team at Pixel Lab decided to work with the IE team again to create two new “worlds”, titled “Moonlight” and “New Friend,” bringing a total 20 additional game levels free on the web. The New Friend world is exclusive to the Web and features a new character – Amie – who joins the protagonist, Petit on his journey to save his love, the Rose.


“Bringing my game to the web really helped me reach new fans all around the world,” said Max. “The first version was so successful that I wanted to create something truly unique for the web version. I decided to create a totally new chapter with visuals, gameplay and a new character. I think fans from my home country of Ukraine all the way to China and the U.S. will be pleasantly surprised by the look and feel of the new levels.”


The new Moonlight Worldlooks more similar to the other Contre Jour worlds, and showcases the power of IE10 as a touch browser. Contre Jour was truly designed to be a touch-first game—in fact, it was the first game brought to the web that actually required multi-touch on certain levels.


Check out the twenty new levels of gameplay for yourself at and use the Valentine Card to share the Valentine’s love with your friends and loved ones.

Check out the Exploring IE blog for more details.

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