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Before we forget 2012 in the dizzy joy of the new year, we decided to go back and revisit our most popular articles of the last year and to give newer readers a chance to catch up on some of the great stuff they might have missed.

No 1: PC Hardware Designs of the Future

Want to know what the next generation of hardware may look like? This roundup of student projects may give an insight into what this year’s hottest tech could look like, our favourite is the syringe style USB sticks. Read the full article¬ here

No 2: Innovative Tech Man, 3 Students and a Kinect SDK

We love seeing cool things that can be done with Kinect and this project to adapt the Kinect for use in hospitals was clearly as popular with all of you as it was with us.  Article can be found here

No 3: Getting Started with Windows 8 Application Development

Dr Spooner’s gudie on getting started with Windows 8 app building proved popular with devs looking to get a head start on creating for Windows 8.Read the whole guide¬ here

No4: Data Auralisation and the Listening Machine

What does data sound like? It’s probably not something you’ve ever considered, but Peter Gregson’s project to make a soundscape out of information contained in Twitter conversations is a must read. You can read the full article¬ here¬†and his Ignite talk he did about it for our last event is easily worth 5 minutes of your time.

No 5: HTML 5 Sports Challenge

Competition posts are always popular and this one was no exception. You clearly all relished the opportunity to do cool things with HTML 5 and the sports theme dovetailed perfectly with the Olympics obsession we’ve all witnessed over the last year. Check out the brief here.

No 6: Designing for Windows Phone First

“Content is King” A rule we all need to rember from time to time and this look at why you should consider designing for Windows Phone first is a useful reminder of that and other factors that go into design. The full article can be found here

No 7: Peter Gregson and Reasons to be Appy

You all clearly love Peter Gregson as much as we do, as this interview with him ahead of his Reasons to Be Appy talk was the second article featuring him to make our top 10. Find out what he was up to over the last year here.

No 8: “The Only Processing Problem We Face is with Creativity” – FOWD

Our round-ups of the most fascinating talks at conferences we’ve covered are always popular and this post on why processes should be as seamless as possible covered one of the most thought-provoking topics we saw discussed over the last year. You can revisit Bill Buxton’s argument¬ here.

No 9: Clippy.js Bringing Clippy Back from the dead via Javascript

Apparently more people missed the infamous Office assistant than we ever realised. Someone went to the trouble of using Javascript to bring him back from the dead, and a whole lot of you enjoyed reading about how. If you’re missing the paperclip, check out his revival ¬ here.

No 10: Windows 8 UX Case Studies

UX is always a tricky issue and case studies help showcase what works and what doesn’t, this roundup of case studies and Windows 8 design resources ¬†appearing on our top 10 lists showed many of you were giving the issue some real thought over the last year. Check the studies out¬ here.

We hope this list has provided a little creative inspiration for the year ahead, which of these articles was your favourite? Or was there another piece you love which slipped under the radar?

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