Is Quartz the poster child for web apps that feel native?

Quartz is a news site aimed at business people that looks and behaves like a native app, without feeling strange to the web (in fact the layout looks fresh and engaging on laptops and desktops). According to editor-in-chief, Kevin Delaney, Quartz is “tailored to mobile and tablet devices” because it was vital to its creators to have “a site that was accessible via the free and open web.”

Interestingly, the site’s architecture was designed in what many would consider reverse order: “We started with tablet as the primary design reference and then, with the architecture in place, designed for mobile and desktop,” explained Delaney, adding “This worked well, and we’re likely to adopt it for future projects.”

It is well known that many sites that try to mimic native applications in the behaviour and appearance are often clunky and at worst pronounced dead on arrival. Yet, Quartz is an example of a site being built to feel more like an app than the classic site we are used to from web all the way to tablet and phone. However it’s still not a good approach to create the same value proposition for a user on a website versus a tablet versus a phone. It is still very important to understand the UX of different users using different devices, and why they are using them (often for different things) and specifically align functionality and content according to the experience and context of the device.

Do you think this type of site marks the first move towards mobile first designed sites?
Why not try out Quartz now and see what all the fuss is about.

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