Events Roundup

Kick start 2013 with some meet ups, the odd hack day and a rather adventurous conference. Here’s a list of some of the main events that are happening in the New Year…

3 January – PHP London Meetup

If you’re a PHP developer or interested in finding out more, then head over to PHP London, a non-profit group designed for best practice and knowledge sharing. There are also five minute lightening talks with two minutes of questions on any topic of interest to the community.

8 January – KindredHQ Pop Up coworking at Modern Jago

If you’re a freelancer or small business it’s sometimes hard to find like-minded people to bounce ideas off and help solve challenges you face day to day. If that sounds familiar, why not head over to Modern Jago and join a free Kindred HQ co-working session? You never know, you might get the answer you’ve been looking for!

17 January – LONDON WEB – Monthly Meetup

The third Thursday of every month is when London Web meetup takes place, for web designers, front and back end web devs as well as entrepreneurs and investors.

17 January – Windows 8 Developer Q&A

This inaugural event in Brighton for anyone interested in Windows 8 app development. In will be an open Q&A session with one presentation on Windows 8 from the organiser to kick off.

23 to 25 January – New Adventures in Web Design

It might possibly be the very last New Adventures but you can call me Harold if it’s not going to be a memorable one. This much loved conference features stars of the design and web world like Andy Clarke, Seb Lee Deslisle and Jon Tan plus all sorts of extras like the New Adventures paper, Erskine Bowling, the Second Wednesday warmup, the Ubelly Soapbox (yep, we’ll be there!) and the obligatory after party at Alea. The Ubelly crew will be present and correct (well, present at least) so come and say hi!

25 January – MiniBar – London

About 250 web entrepreneurs, developers, tech investors and other geeks come to MiniBar each month. Held in Shoreditch, it’s a social evening where you can talk to your hearts content about mobile web, web apps, start ups, investment – basically any general web stuff. There’s also the chance to grab yourself a free beer in the process.

26 to 27 January – NHS Hack Day

If you fancy trying to solve some problems in the health space then come along to this weekend hackathon, bringing together doctors and nurses with developers, designers and other geeks who are interested in the NHS.

If you want to see your event listed please contact us @ubelly. Thanks!

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