Solving mobile app payments with Digital Wallet Foundry

Digital Wallet Foundry, a three week mix ‘n’ match event program in London starting 18th March at Modern Jago seeks to focus the Industry on creating propositions that excite and engage, with the primary goal of encouraging the development of wallet applications.

#DigitalWalletFoundry invites developers, designers, industry leaders and people with a view to take the first steps in solving some of these challenges.

Digital Wallet Foundry Objectives:
• Bring diverse and competing parties together to learn
• Shape consumer propositions through collaboration
• Introduce entrepreneurs and developers so as to create new businesses.
• Do things. Network; develop; inspire; share and win

The #DWF has been designed for *Developers, Designers & Industry Leaders

Why attend as a developer/designer?
• Listen to the perspectives from Industry experts
• Learn how to design and develop Wallet applications and use Windows Azure cloud services.
• Free training on rapid development techniques.
• Expert feedback and/or assistance with developing business models for your ideas.

The #DWF has been broken down into three themed events:

Theme One- Payment: Mon 18th March – Fri 22nd March 2013 Register and Agenda below

Theme Two- Loyalty:    Mon 15th Apr – Fri 19th Apr 2013 Register

Theme Three- Identity: New date in May to follow

Check out the Modern Jago site for more details.


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