Ubelly Ignite 18th Dec – Meet (some of) the Speakers!

We have our final Ignite of 2012 taking place next week Tuesday over at Modern Jago, Shoreditch.

We have some great speakers lined up here are just a few who will be coming along.  You can get your tickets here - http://ignitedecember.eventbrite.co.uk/

Aj Grand-Scrutton
Chief Creative Officer, Dlala Studios

Talking about: Starting Over

After years of working on award-winning games for award-winning studios, Aj made the decision to leave the safety of a well paid, secure job and delve into the scary world of indie game development. Along with long time friend and colleague, Craig Thomas, he formed Dlala Studios in June 2012. Throwing themselves head first into the company’s first game, “Janksy”, a space-based physics adventure. The goal was set – produce a high quality, highly enjoyable game in time to be ready for Windows 8 Launch.

As well as co-founding Dlala Studios, Aj has previously worked for award-winning studios such as Bossa Studios and Jagex Ltd. Working on titles such as the award-winning ‘Monstermind’ (Bossa Studios) and the epic, yet-to-be-released MMO ‘Stellar Dawn’ (Jagex).

Starting off working on small games in his parents’ living room, Aj’s career has took him to the new heights of working from his parents’ garage. You can find Aj on Twitter @dnost

Andy Fawkes

Talking about: Military Training Technology Trends

Andy is a professional mechanical engineer and recently retired Civil Servant with 20 years of Whitehall experience. In the last 12 years has specialized in the field of training and simulation, becoming the UK MoD policy lead for simulation and Chair of the NATO Modelling and Simulation Group. Prior to leaving the MoD in 2012, he was the architect of its new approach to the enterprise-level management of all Defence training and education capabilities. He is particularly interested in the role of technology in transforming organisations.

Jack Franklin

Talking About : Just go for it!

Jack is a 20 year old student and developer based in London, working daily with JavaScript and Ruby. He runs the popular JavaScript blog The JavaScript Playground (javascriptplayground.com), has his first book coming out in early 2013 and if he’s not at his computer, you’ll usually find him at the pub, like any good student. Find him on Twitter as @Jack_Franklin.

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