Announcing Ubelly Indie Gaming Hub

We want to provide the UK’s indie game developers with as much help and support as we can possibly offer. And while this blog is a great starting point – we know that we all  learn more by talking to each other. That’s why we’re proud to announce the Ubelly Indie Gaming Hub – our new home on LinkedIn and a group we hope will rapidly become indispensable for all of you in the year ahead.

The new group will provide a place for you to discuss your new tricks, tweaks and tips. Whether you’re trying to nail the perfect touch control system or want a tip or two on maximising the potential of your graphics engine, we’re confident that the Ubelly Hub will have the answers you need.

We want it to be  your community, so we want to know, what kind of discussions would you like to see take place? Live interviews, step-by-step tutorial sessions, or something else entirely? Let us know over on the new page and we’ll do our very best to make it happen.

So head over to the group and get involved!

Ready to build your game? If so, that’s great! Register today for a Windows Store account, then download the Windows 8 SDK and you’ll be flying!

Published by Tom

Tom is the newest member of the uBelly writing team. He comes from a journalism background and is fascinated by issues surrounding creative design and the user experience

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