Windows Azure Open Services Summit – use any OS, database, language, tool

Windows Azure supports multiple development platforms, languages, and tools providing choice for Open Source developers and enterprises (it’s not just all about .NET!). Register for the Windows Azure Open Services Summitto learn how you can take advantage of this open, flexible, rock solid platform.

Why should I register?

Delivered by Windows Azure experts, this special one day technical event will focus on the compelling story of OSS and the Windows Azure platform, and will cover key topics such as:

  • Why Azure is a great platform to create open, scalable, robust and resilient solutions across a wide range of technology stacks and programming tools and languages
  • How Windows Azure’s “Infrastructure-as-a-Service” makes it easy to create and manage virtual machines and networks for both Linux- and Windows-based applications
  • Experience the great developer story with Eclipse and a wide host of SDKs covering Node.JS, Python, PHP, and Java
  • Explore the range of data stores available on Windows Azure for both SQL and NoSQL, including databases such as MongoDB


Windows Azure Overview and Roadmap.In this session, we will present the Windows Azure platform overview and  end-to-end Windows Azure story as it relates to OSS. We will also highlight OSS & Windows Azure success stories.

The Developer Story – Languages, Tooling, SDKs. We will show how to develop applications using programming languages such as Java, PHP, Python and Node.js. Also, we will dive into language specific SDKs and the developer experience using popular IDEs and tools, including Eclipse and Github.

IaaS – Linux, Virtual Machines, Networking. The Infrastructure-as-a-Service session will cover Virtual Machines, Virtual Networks, and hybrid solutions using multiple operating systems including Linux and Windows Server.

The Data Story. We will cover relational databases like Windows Azure SQL DB and MySQL and on NoSQL side we will cover Windows Azure Table Storage and MongoDB.  We will dive into hosting MongoDB in your own virtual machine and MongoDB-as-a-service.

Node.js. Many apps are being built with Node.js today. We’ll show how a node.js app works in Windows Azure, as well as its applicability to Windows Azure Web Sites and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB.


December 4, 2012.  Crowne Plaza Paris-République, 10 Place De La Republique, Paris 75011, France

Visit for more information and to register.

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