The indie games you should have bought in the Steam Sale

By the time you read this, it will be too late to empty your virtual wallet buying all the Steam Autumn Sale goodness. The good news however, is that these games will still be available via Steam, just for a few pennies more.

Steam sales are kind of a big deal nowadays, this years summer sale quickly saw game libraries fill up as titles went for fractions of their usual retail cost. Daily deals and flash deals offer up some great titles for crazy prices, but the titles I head for immediately are the indie titles, because these are usually very cheap games, but once they’re 75% off – you’d be crazy to not just add everything.

You’d find many titles in Steams Indie area just-as-good if not better than some of the biggest games releases in the last 5 years (this has been my experience anyway), and when Steam sale time comes around, I am filling up that basket like some deranged contestant on supermarket sweep heading for the Pick-n-mix section.

So, what are the Indie games you missed out on during the sale?


Rising from the ‘Steam Greenlight’ project, McPixel is a crude action/adventure Point-and-click game with a kick-ass bit-soundtrack and presented in 8-glorious-bits. Pixel art at it’s finest with a wicked sense of humor, McPixel is a must own for anyone with a love for puzzles.


Braid has been out for a few years now, but it still stands as one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played. Period. I recently re-played this and am yet to find a game that has as-much of an impact, it really stays with you. If you only ever buy one game from Steam, this should be it. A Time warping, Strategic platformer that will have playing over and over and over.

Amnesia : The Dark Descent

Yes, it’s scary. Yes, you MUST play this in the dark with headphones. No, I can’t guarantee that you won’t have nightmares. Next year, Amnesia : A Machine for Pigs will be released and should solidify the series as one of the best Survival horror games series around, make sure you know what to expect by picking up this and letting it pick your brain.


Limbo has some of the best art and ambient music in a game and amazing atmosphere, It’s is a game I have returned to again and again over the years across multiple platform, simply to just experience it. It has one of those endings that leaves you hanging out on forums far too much discussing it far too much for far too long. It’s a game that has many awards, accolades and 5 stars all over the place, all of which are far deserved. In my opinion, Limbo represents just how good games can be.


A real-time strategy game based on the movie WarGames. Insta-buy! I needed to know nothing more before adding this game to my library. As soon as I started my first game I instantly felt like David Lightman playing Global Thermonuclear War. If you’re a fan of real-time strategy and beauty in simplicity, check out this game.

The Edmund McMillen Collection

This is not the collections name, but there is no-way that you could talk about the indie game scene without mentioning Edmund McMillen, a game designer whose most recognisable creation is likely to be Meat Boy from the Flash and XBLA sensation ‘Super Meat Boy’ and who continues to hone his level-design and character creation skills whilst still maintaining his flair for character design. He’s an auteur of the gaming world, you know when you are playing one of his games and you’ll be hooked on each and every one.

Super Meat Boy is a must-own, and by now you should already own it. The games you should have been looking to purchase are The Bindings of Isaac + the DLC “Wrath of Lamb”. Isaac is a top-down adventure, much in the vein of the Zelda games, but it’s much more than just your average top-down; After all, you are playing as a child whose mother is trying to kill him. The randomly generated levels make this game’s re-playability exceptional and much like Limbo and Super MeatBoy, Isaac’s soundtrack is also very good (and available through Steam).

The Basement Collection brings together the early Flash games of McMillen. If you are a fan of his works then there is a lot in here for you, a place where you can discover his humble beginnings where he learned to hone his craft. If you are new to him, then Meat Boy is probably a good place to start, the Super MeatBoy predecessor and if you are long-standing fan of his then certainly jump right into the other titles you might not have played before, such as Time Fcuk (a personal favourite) or the awesome space adventure game Aether. There are 7 great games in this pack + a few more that are unlockable by completing other games. Well worth the few pennies you spend buying this.

Like I said, you missed out the chance to own these at a fraction of what they usually cost, but that’s not an excuse to go and buy these great games (if you don’t already own them) and maybe when the next Steam sale rolls around, you can get your hands on some more great indie titles.

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