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Remember remember the month of Movember… yup it’s time for you to put away the shaving foam and groom the handlebar moustache you’ve always wanted. Here at Ubelly Towers we’re in full growth mode. There’s lots of dev and design events to show off your new upper lip decoration this month – and if you’d like to see your event included give us a shout on Twitter @ubelly.

1 November – HDLive

Hull Digital Live is now in its third year and is hosting some fab speakers including Elliot Jay Stocks,  Evan Davis, Bobbie Johnson and Fraser Speirs Not only that but you also get to experience the delights Hull has to offer. Result!

2 November – UX Brighton

Danny Hope’s brainchild was born 4 years ago when he set up a volunteer community group focusing on all things user experience related. These monthly meet-ups culminate in this year’ UX Brighton conference where ‘Past and Future Interactions’ is the theme up for discussion by speakers like Ben Bashford and Guy Smith-Ferrier.

9 November – Full Frontal

If you’re a JavaScript developer then you won’t want to miss this conference organised by web guru Remy Sharp. Attendees get to sign up to hands on workshops, listen to awesome speakers and a couple of parties thrown in for good luck. If you’re there, look us up (Martin Beeby @thebeebs will be there) and if you can’t make it then check out our event review, we’ll be publishing it week of 12th November. Can’t wait.

9-10 November – UCD2012 Conference

The User-Centred Design Conference is a non-profit organisation – ,meaning all the speakers, including Tom Stewart and Karl Smith, volunteer their expertise. The conference runs on a Friday and Saturday to make it easier to taketime off work… plus you get the chance to explore the big smoke.

12-16 November – Internet Week Europe

This week long celebration of all things web related kicks off on 12th November and is host to events across London including RetrospectGIF, Journey through the connected world (or a diverting trip on the ELL) and London JS Create the Web. Not to be missed.

12-16 November – Build

This week long conference includes an evening of film, a day of workshops, a day of co-working and some music thrown in for good measure… not to mention a day long conference with such luminaries as Kirby Ferguson, Mandy Brown and Ethan Marcotte. I feel more intelligent just writing that. Keep an eye out for a write up of the conference from our very own Laura Kalbag soon after the event.

19 November – HandHeld Conference

Billed as the ‘conference for all things mobile, web and native’, HandHeld is held in the beautiful country of Wales and boasts a brilliant line-up of speakers including the one and only Mr Andrew Spooner, Laura Kalbag and a new member of the nUbelly crew, Amber Weinberg. Come and say hi to Andrew if you’re going along – otherwise watch out for the post event write up.

20 November – Untapped

Untapped prides itself on showcasing rising stars you won’t find on the regular speaker circuit. It’s free to attend and well worth a visit if you’re in the Clerkenwell vicinity.

29-30 November – UX Cambridge

This month it’s all about User Experience and UX Cambridge is no exception. The idea is to gain knowledge you can apply when you get back to work, with sessions from Jeff Gothelf and Harry Brignull.

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