Want to get on your soapbox at FOWA?

A few months ago we quietly launched something that we’re starting to take around the country’s conferences. Reasons to be Creative saw the likes of Christian Heilmann, Jake Archibald and Laura Kalbag get on The Soapbox to do short talks on things that they’re passionate about (speaking, html slide decks and grids, in case you were wondering). We’re happy to announce that Future of Web Apps in London will see The Soapbox return, this time in amongst all the other stalls!

Now all we need are some great speakers…

Soapbox talks are 5 minute talks about things you care about. Whether they make your inner Hulk rise, make you feel warm and fuzzy, or usually result in a three hour lecture on the impact of animated gifs on modern society, we want topics that you really care about. You don’t need slides (although you can bring slides on USB if you wish, or bring old fashioned flipcharts/cards) and you will be strictly timed to 5 minutes.

For FOWA, we’ve got 10 slots over the two days, which will be happening during lunch. Want to talk? All you need to do is head to The Soapbox page and submit your talk!

Any questions? Hit us up in the comments or via the Twitters

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Luke is one of Ubelly’s resident social media guys, occasionally switching hats for a bit of design. He is the in-house meme expert, uses foursquare a little too much and gets hot under the collar when it comes to design, usability and gorgeous code.

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