Future of Web Apps, London, 15-17 Oct 2012

This year The Future of Web Apps conference is returning to The Brewery, a great characterful venue in the heart of London. This is one of the major highlights on the UK conference circuit for web and mobile developers and entrepreneurs. Looking for inspiration and forward thinking? Look no further; this year will see more visionaries gathering to discuss exciting technologies and platforms to build the next generation of mind blowing apps.

A new addition this year sees FOWA joining forces with Future of Mobile (FOM) which effectively gives you 2 conferences for the price of one. Given the current evolution of technology, this makes perfect sense as the lines continue to disappear between web and mobile. Microsoft and the Ubelly team will be in attendance, showcasing the exciting opportunities around Windows 8 as well as a bunch friendly folks from Internet Explorer, Windows Azure and Skydrive. Look out for the awesome keynote talk on how to get your sites ready for touch and multiple form factors using responsive design principles. There’ll be inspiring talks, some cool goodies and loads of friendly team members to help answer all of your burning questions. Plus, don’t miss sippin’ on a Skydriver cocktail at the after party on Tuesday evening.

The Soapbox

The smallest stage at the conference returns for its second outing, offering a platform for passionate speakers to riff on a variety of subjects. Is there a topic you’re passionate about? We’re looking for people to get up on our Soapbox at future events. What should you talk about? Well, that’s for you to decide! You’ll have 5-10 minutes, we want you to be passionate, and no sales-y product pitches (unless you have lots of pictures of cats). We’ll also be signing up people at each of the conferences, so keep an eye out for The Soapbox or register to speak now. The Soapbox debuted at Reasons To Be Creative and we can’t wait to bring the action to FOWA.

See you at FOWA?

With over 40 sessions, 4 workshops, App It Out, the Ubelly Soapbox, chill out spaces and all the usual networking and fun to be had, we hope to see you there. Are you interested in developing an app for Windows 8? Click here for all the help and info you’ll need and be sure to come and chat to us at FOWA if you go!

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Liam is a new member of the Ubelly writing team. He has a background in web, online publishing and social media; spending his time tinkering with Wordpress, Foursquare, Facebook and his DSLR. He has a love for all things creative and visual.

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