Future Of Web Apps 2012 – Highlights

We had a great time at FOWA 2012 which played host to a wonderful array of technically talented and absurdly forward thinking individuals. It was great meeting all of you who came to visit us at the Ubelly stand and the speakers across all three tracks managed to shine a light on the exciting opportunities in web and app development. In fact, there were more than a few instances of science fiction easing quite clearly into science fact that were as gripping as they were thought provoking, think: the death and rebirth of the retail experience, pedestrian tracking pavements and tech in 2040 making the latest smartphones comparable to cereal box toys.

We were busy live tweeting at the conference and in case you weren’t there or missed our coverage, you can view it our hand selected highlights in the two Storify feeds below. One for day 1 and one for day 2.

Day 1 – Storify highlight feed


Day 2 – Storify highlight feed


Were you at FOWA this year? Tell us your highlights in the comments below.

image courtesy of Jeffrey

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