Free Windows 8 training – the experts come to you!

Windows 8 and all the amazing new devices are coming to a store near you this Friday, so if you’ve not already got your app published or in the making then here’s how you can get started! No less than 81 million apps* were downloaded in the last week of December 2011, what more incentive do you need to get your Windows 8 app in store by Christmas? Winking smile

If learning with others is your thing then get yourself to one of our free Windows 8 DevCamps or UX Workshops and get expert training and guidance. Get all the details here.

Windows 8 DevCamps

Windows 8 UX Workshops

If you prefer to learn it all online, there’s tonnes of resources:

Once you’ve built your app you need somewhere to host it – we’ve got some free events and online sessions on the Windows Azure platform throughout November:

Six Steps to Windows Azure – Starts on 8th and 9th November:
Six Steps to Windows Azure offers a series of free technical events and online sessions on the Windows Azure Platform. The programme aims to guide developers and IT professionals currently building apps or considering the cloud on how to take full advantage of Windows Azure.

Windows Azure in the Real World - 8th November 2012 in London
Get started with Windows Azure by seeing how companies have implemented real world solutions for different types of Azure workload and hear from great speakers. Join us if you currently building applications, considering moving to the Cloud and want to understand how to take full advantage of the Windows Azure Platform. Register here.

Advanced Topics in Windows Azure – 9th November 2012 in London
Join us for a tour of the latest features of Windows Azure from Media and Mobile services to Windows Azure Active Directory. The day will explore the opportunities Windows Azure offers with Windows 8 and the latest Phone Toolkits (iOS, Android and Windows Phone). Register here.

Windows Azure Camps for developers
Join us at a developer camp focusing on the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) features of Windows Azure. Mostly this means Windows Azure Cloud Services, Windows Azure Storage, Windows Azure Active Directory, Windows Azure Service Bus, Windows Azure SQL DB, and Windows Azure Websites. A camp will take you from knowing nothing about the cloud to actually having deployed a simple application to the cloud and made it available on the public Internet.  Once you have the basics in place, you’ll be up and running.

*Source: Analytics Firm Flurry (Link)

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