A record breaking 48 hours of game design

How quickly do you think you could build a game from scratch? A month? Maybe a week if you’re not stretching your limits too much? What if someone challenged you to write a game in 48 hours.

That’s just what a group of 329 students from the University of Bedfordshire set out to achieve last week, when they hosted their own Games Jam, with a little help from Microsoft and Train2Game. But that’s not the only thing they achieved, while they were there they also set a Guiness World Record for the world’s largest Games Jam.

The students went without sleep for 48 hours as they worked in teams to design games around a set ‘Pride of London’ theme. All the games were developed for the soon to be launched Windows 8, with a team of Microsoft developers on hand to provide assistance.

42 games were produced throughout the weekend and the games were all reviewed by the Microsoft team who awarded a prize for the best effort. The winning effort Royal Rush involved  guiding a animated version of the Queen around London’s most famous monuments and for their efforts the team behind it will be treated to a VIP visit to Rare’s studios.

Anand Krishnan from the Developer and Platform Group at Microsoft UK said: “Windows 8 presents a huge opportunity for developers to build great new apps for a variety of form factors. We’re really pleased that the Train2Game students got to use Windows 8 before release, and it was great to see them use their creativity  in building these incredible games.”

Professor Carsten Maple, Bedfordshire’s Pro Vice Chancellor – Research and Enterprise said: “The University is proud to have hosted this event for Microsoft and Train2Game. The University has one of the oldest Computer Games Development Degrees in the country so we were very excited to assist.

Do you think you could match the student’s accomplishment? Or do you have a great idea for a Windows 8 game in general. Then head over to our gaming resources page and get started today.


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