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As we covered in our previous post last week: Reasons to be Creative is back and takes place over Sept 3, 4 and 5th in Brighton for creative artists, designers and coders. The line-up of speakers this year is tantalising to say the least and we’ve caught up with a handful of them to find out which things they’re most looking forward to and what we can all expect from their talks.

Christian Heilmann

Christian Heilmann is a web designer, developer and author who has spent many years on making the web a better place.

Christian is most looking forward to:

“Being able to meet a very diverse audience.Also, as a mainly technical guy creative audiences can be daunting and I liked the challenge to write a keynote that is not the normal technical avalanche of information but reflects on the current state of our community.”

What to expect from Christian’s talk:

“I am delivering the keynote on our relationship with the web and how we are not living up to our own expectations. There is a lot more we should be doing to turn our excitement into products for our end users but we feel not in control where actually we are. I loved the web from the very start and everybody working in it should feel the same. A lot of our frustrations are home-made, and in this keynote I’ll show how we can free us from them.”

Ros Horner

Ros Horner is a London based, print turned digital designer who is currently working as Senior Designer at Sapient Nitro.

Ros is most looking forward to:

“I’m looking forward to going to Brighton and swimming in the sea! At the conference: I’m looking forward to it for many reasons, especially for my short attention span – I’m looking forward to seeing the Gimme 5 sessions – “a mish mash of designers, developers and creatives throwing down their stuff in 5 minutes”. That takes a lot more skill than rattling on for an hour!”

What to expect from Ros’ talk:

“What can attendees expect from my talk? Plenty of space probably – There’s two awesome creative people talking at the same time as me. People who do come along however, can expect me to talk about the ridiculously inefficient way I go about creating things, the best things I’ve learned from other people, and the way I deal with being a creative in a corporate world.”

Mike Kus

Mike Kus is a graphic designer, web designer and co-founder of Startup,

Mike is most looking forward to:

“I’m looking forward to meeting a ton of passionate creatives working in the same space I do. I’m looking forward to exchanging ideas and stories from our working lives. I’m also looking forward to being in seeing the other speaker talk and being in Brighton. It is always nice to spend time in Brighton.”

What to expect from Mike’s talk:

“Attendees can expect an insight into the things in my working life that have helped me progress in my career over recent years. I’ll talk about things I’ve leaned that have both helped and hindered me.”

Evgenia (Jenny) Grinblo

Evgenia (Jenny) Grinblo is a self-taught designer who currently works as user experience specialist at London-based mobile agency Future Workshops.

Jenny is most looking forward to:

“I’m excited to be part of a conference that has put so much effort into having a gender balance in the conference line-up. I’m very proud of the conference organisers for working so hard on inviting more women into the speaker circuit. I started this year doing a talk for the Web Heroines inaugural conference and heard a lot of arguments for why there are less women in the forefront of technology in the UK. It’s brilliant to see a conference take the gender issue on and manage to line-up almost half female speakers in a time when many are happy to simply keep debating what to do. Big kudos to the Reasons to Be Creative folks for pulling that off.”

What to expect from Jenny’s talk:

“My talk is based on conversations I’ve had with clients and technologists who aren’t sure how talking to users fits in with practical considerations. Coming from the world of qualitative research, talking to users and stakeholders drives my work. But when I’ve talked to others, I’ve heard a lot of funny comments about what user interviews mean, what empathy has to do with user experience and even why we should avoid user research. I’ll share those and talk about why it’s good to reach out to the people you make things for and how brilliant it can be for solving design problems in a truly user-centered way.”

We hope to see you at Reasons to be Creative, so please do stop by our stand to say hello to the Ubelly team.

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Liam is a new member of the Ubelly writing team. He has a background in web, online publishing and social media; spending his time tinkering with Wordpress, Foursquare, Facebook and his DSLR. He has a love for all things creative and visual.

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