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With Brighton Digital Festival in full swing there are a tonne of awesome events throughout September. Flash on the Beach has become Reasons to Be Creative, dConstruct is back for a 7th year and there’s a swathe of user groups, meet ups, conferences and even a fiesta! Time to get inspired by fab speakers and catch up with some folks I’ve not seen for months, methinks…

3 September – Mobile Monday London

The autumn sessions kick off with a look at what it takes to make your app successful, like marketing, promotion and measurement.

3 – 5 September – Reasons to be Creative

The event that was ‘Flash on the Beach’ has been reinvented as ‘Reasons to be Creative’, a 3 day festival for creative artists, designers and coders. The event features sessions from Flash and HTML5 guru Grant Skinner, Professor Kevin Warwick and Mark Boulton and brings together the best minds from the worlds of art, code, and design. Expect 3 days packed with talks, networking, inspiration and learning.

7 September – dConstruct

The theme of this year’s dConstruct is “Playing With The Future”, with sessions from such luminaries as Ben Hammersley, Seb Lee-Delisle and Jason Scott. Prepare to be entertained on topics ranging from playfulness and creativity to digital preservation and science fiction. Check out Laura Kalbag’s review for more web goodness.

8 September – Windows 8 Code Weekend

This code weekend, brought to you by Dev4Good, brings together talented thinkers, designers and coders to work on real world issues faced by UK charities. The theme for this event is Windows 8 but no prior knowledge is necessary. The goals for the weekend are simple- lean how to create Windows 8 apps that could change the way people live their lives – and then spend the rest of the time doing it!

19 – 20 September – Semantic Technology and Business Conference

This conference aims to bring together industry thought leaders and practitioners to examine the challenges and opportunities impacting technologists and corporate business leaders. Expert speakers include Richard Goodwin from The Stationery Office on Moving Linked Data into Production, Bart van Leeuwen from on Fighting Fires with Real Time Semantic Web Technology and Tom Reamy from KAPS Groupon New Directions in Social Media.

24 September – Mobile Monday London

Monday 24th September sees the return of this evergreen topic in MM’s extremely popular annual discussion of HTML5 vs Native. This year’s motion is “This house believes that HTML5, far from being part of Gordon Ramsay’s larder is more likely to be used by Stavros at the corner chippie. Fine if you want chips. Do you aspire to be Gordon or are you content to be Stavros?” Come long for some lively debate!

28 September – Designers and Developers Fiesta

The Designers and Developers Fiesta (no relation to a well known car manufacturer) is in its 3rd year, with over 17 presenters and 30 different training seminars to choose from all about design and developer tools.

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