Windows 8 UX Workshops

Windows 8 marks a huge change in both application design and user experience. It has a new style of app, the Windows Store app and these, along with Windows 8 will launch worldwide on October 26th.

This day long workshop is run by Microsoft Evangelist Andrew Spooner and aims to introduce Microsoft’s new operating system and the design and UX patterns that exist in Windows Store applications. The day is split into 2 parts. The morning will give you an overview of Windows 8 and explain the new Windows User Interface and Windows experience. You will also hear how the new Microsoft design principles can manifest themselves in the applications that you create. The afternoon will take you through the process of taking the essential idea for an app and turning it into a Windows Store application that takes advantage of Microsoft’s new design style and principles so you can create an application that will truly shine in the Windows Store.

If you work in a design or UX capacity or if you work on mobile or PC applications, this is the ideal opportunity to become familiar with Windows Store applications of launch so that you are ready to port over your existing applications or start building applications for your clients.


Windows 8 UX Workshops

More workshops will be added in the near future, but don’t hesitate, register today for a Windows 8 UX workshop near you.


Published by Spooner

Creative Technologist at Microsoft in the UK working in the Developer & Platform Evangelism group, he is at the forefront of emerging technologies being developed across Microsoft and champions their deployment to developers and digital agencies. His work is focused around mobile, the web and Natural User Interfaces.

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