“Inspire a Generation is for life, not just for 2012″

The other day, a short blog post by Peter Gregson popped up on my RSS feed with the title “‘Inspire a Generation’ is for life, not just for 2012“. Like Peter, I have been seeing this phrase around London for the past few weeks thanks to some small sporting event that’s been going on in the capital, and like Peter I agree that it does sound a little like the UK is only producing a finite number of inspiring people, all happening within a two week period.

“Sorry, inspiration’s finished now. Go home.”

One thing that I’ve opened my eyes to in the past year or so is the staggering amount of people out there creating exciting, challenging and just downright awesome things, welding together technology and just about any other area you can think of. While it may be a little overwhelming at first, it’s important to remember that these people are ordinary (to a degree) people, and all they are doing is making the things that happen inside their heads a reality.

My personal suggestions for inspiration? Check out Peter and his Listening Machine project. Check out Keiichi Matsuda and James Alliban’s ‘data aura’ project Cell. Have a gander at the crazy things that are coming out of the High-Low Tech project at MIT, or wander through the plethora of projects that have spurted from the insane-genius mind of Brendan Dawes.

Once you’ve finished looking at tech wizardry, why not move into the arts a little more and look at companies like Punchdrunk and Hide & Seek to see how they’re playing with the concept of audience experience. It’s amazing to see what people in other fields are doing and see how you can work those ideas back into the work you do.

I suppose the point I’m trying to make is that the UK has a ridiculous amount of inspiring people out there in just about every field, and it’s time we start looking for them and holding them high for everyone to see. At the same time, there’s always room for one more inspiring person to get up there and inspire the next round of developers, designers, creatives, whatevers.

All you have to do is step up.

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