App It Out to win a speaking slot at Future Insights Live 2013 in Las Vegas

Do you have an app that could take you all the way to Las Vegas and a prime speaking gig at the renowned web tech conference Future Insights Live 2013? If you think you what it takes; it’s time to put up your digital dukes, and duck and weave your way to victory in App It Out, the app contest that could put you in the limelight and the aforementioned grand prize firmly in your hands.

Fancy your chances? Simply submit your web or mobile app by September 7, 2012 to be considered. Three finalists will be selected via web poll and invited to pitch to a panel of experts on stage at the combined Future of Web Apps / Future of Mobile conference in London.

So far, Touchnote, the app that lets you create and send postcards right from your mobile phone and Bardowl,which streams audiobooks to your iPhone have already been submitted. However, we reckon a shit hot Windows 8 app could take the prize, so why not take them on and submit your own.

If you are interested in building and submitting a Windows 8 app, we’re here to help you. If you need advice, are stuck on a problem or just want to bat ideas around, drop us an e-mail to and we can help you get the right tools and help you out of a pickle.

May the best app win!

Published by Liam

Liam is a new member of the Ubelly writing team. He has a background in web, online publishing and social media; spending his time tinkering with Wordpress, Foursquare, Facebook and his DSLR. He has a love for all things creative and visual.

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