Windows 8 due on October 26th

In case you didn’t hear; October 26th will see the release of the brand spanking new Windows 8 OS, letting you get your app on like the technology gods intended!

One thing that gets us really excited about new technology is new accessories. It can be a beautiful avenue for sublime functionality and stunning understated design. These Windows 8 friendly offerings don’t disappoint with their gorgeous, minimalist form.

There are two ranges of Surface being made available, coming soon (dates not available but we’ll keep you updated!). First up is the entry level Sculpt range designed for portability. This range is complimented by the noticeably premium Wedge mobile mouse and keyboard; both being understated and eye-catching in their simplicity and clean lines. The mouse comes packing heat in the form of Microsoft’s BlueTrack tech pimping out your rodent pal with four-way scrolling and Bluetooth functionality. The keyboard comes with a resilient cover that, in the blink of an eye, turns into a tablet stand and boy does it look good.

Will you be picking up a Surface and if so, what colour? We’ve been told that orange is the colour for productivity, so we’re going for a nice relaxing blue instead.

Are you a developer? You’ve probably seen the excitement around Windows 8 already building, and we want to help you guys build awesome Windows 8 apps for when it’s released to the public! If you’re interested, we’re running a series of camps across the UK to help get you tooled up for building Windows 8 apps using HTML, CSS, JS, as well as by traditional means.

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