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CampsIf you already know how to build things in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you already have the skills to create Windows 8 apps. Why? Millions of people around the world use Windows every day. Windows 8 gives you the opportunity to access this huge potential market by listing your apps in the Windows Store. See Making money with the Windows 8 store for more details. How? However you want!

  • Online – all resources are in the Windows Dev Centre
  • Come to a camp – see listings below
  • If you’re design focused, we’re holding UX workshops, see listings below
  • We have drop-in clinics too

Microsoft Windows 8 DevCamp
The Windows 8 Camps have been designed to show you how to build a Windows 8 app and get it published in the Windows Store. These events are hands-on and flexible so you can tailor the day to suit your needs; from working on your own project with assistance from our Windows 8 experts to networking with others and attending short tutorial sessions

Windows 8 DevCamp, 11th August, Manchester

Windows 8 DevCamp, 18th August, London

Windows 8 DevCamp, 23rd August, London

Windows 8 DevCamp, 31st August, Edinburgh

Windows 8 DevCamp, 1st September, Edinburgh

Windows 8 DevCamp, 7th September, Brighton

Windows 8 DevCamp, 8th September, Brighton

Windows 8 DevCamp, 14 September, Bristol

Windows 8 DevCamp, 15 September, Bristol

Windows 8 DevCamp, 21 September, London
Windows 8 DevCamp, 22 September, London

Windows 8 DevCamp, 28 September, London

Windows 8 DevCamp, 29 September, London

Windows 8 UX Workshops
These workshops are suitable for designers who want to know a bit more about the new Windows 8- style UI, UX professionals who are looking to create wireframes and supporting technical documentation for application developers. The workshop is also suitable for people who already have applications on other platforms and are looking to bring them across to Windows 8

Windows UX Workshops, 24th August, London

Windows UX Workshop, 30th August, Edinburgh

Windows UX Workshop, 13th September, Bristol

Windows UX Workshop, 20th September, London

Microsoft Windows Phone DevCamp
The Windows Phone Camps are events which will show you how to learn and build Windows Phone apps. You can work on your own projects with assistance from our Windows Phone MVPs, network with others and also have the option of attending short tutorial sessions on Windows Phone related topics. If you are new to Windows Phone, this is the ideal event for you as you will have the opportunity to understand the general approach and capabilities of Windows Phone development

Windows Phone DevCamp, 25th August, London

Windows Phone DevCamp, 8th September, Brighton

Windows Phone DevCamp, 15th September, Birmingham

Windows Phone DevCamp, 22 September, London

Windows Azure Developer Camp
Want to get up to speed quickly with Windows Azure? The Windows Azure Developer Camp will take you from knowing nothing about the cloud to actually having deployed a simple application to the cloud and made it available on the public Internet.  During the Camp there’ll be experienced people available to guide you through each exercise. Once you have the basics in place, you’ll be up and running

Windows Azure Developer Camp, 16th August, London

Windows Azure Developer Camp, 30th August, Edinburgh

Windows Azure Developer Camp, 13th September, Bristol

Developer Weekly Drop-In Clinics,
We will have a team of technical and marketing experts on standby ready to answer any question you have about Window 8 app development – whether it be questions about an idea for an app, development, design, getting your app into the Windows Store, or any other burning question you have.

Tuesdays 12-1pm from 7th August

Any questions? Contact the Ubelly team. See you there!

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