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Web Open to All is one of the new categories for The Critters 2012. As most people in the web industry, we care about web standards and making the web open to all. Therefore, we wanted to celebrate websites that champion accessibility and web standards. Thanks to the community and the judges, we’ve got a list of 3 great open web champions who are nominated for the Web Open To All award…

A List Apart

Jeffrey Zeldman was dubbed ‘King of Web Standards’ by Business Week. He started A List Apart in 1998 as a magazine for “people who make websites”, which has since become one of the cornerstones of web design and development in the industry. A List Apart’s contributors list reads as a who’s who of design, with many foundation topics in the industry (including thing like Responsive Web Design) originating with an A List Apart article.

Government Digital Service is a new team within the Cabinet Office, tasked with transforming government digital services. One of the biggest projects GDS has been working on is, a central hub to replace directgov, that provides an accessible and well-designed experience to access all government services via a single hub. The team at GDS have embraced web standards and open tools and software wherever possible, with a razor sharp focus on the experience of the user to make a government site that people actually want to use.

HTML5 Doctor

Winners of last year’s ‘Blog of the Year’ award at The Critters, HTML5 Doctor is the brainchild of a bunch of web developers (including Bruce, Remy, Rich, Jack, Mike and Tom) who wanted to create a resource for people who wanted to implement HTML5 today, in the most standards-compliant, forward-compatible way possible. Since it’s launch in 2009, it’s grown to include a couple more doctors, and still provides one of the best resources for practical HTML5 goodness on the web today.

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