Learn to build Windows Phone apps

imageBased near Edinburgh? Want to find out how to build great Windows Phone apps? Make sure you sign up for the Windows Phone camp on Saturday 30th June.

You can work on your own projects with assistance from our Windows Phone MVPs, network with others and attend short tutorial sessions on Windows Phone related topics. If you’re new to Windows Phone, this is the ideal event for you as you will have the opportunity to understand the general approach and capabilities of Windows Phone development.

The day will include an introductory design session as well as a range of short tutorial sessions. The short tutorial sessions will include topics like an Introduction to Windows Phone Development, Controls & Control Toolkit, Execution Model, Storing Data, Launchers & Choosers, Accessing Cloud Services, Marketplace & Submission. Also, there’ll be informal Mango tutorial sessions on offer covering topics such as Multi-tasking, Debugging & Profiling, Motion API, Advertising SDK and Sockets.

Representatives from Nokia will be available to discuss Nokia devices, services and developer outreach initiatives.

Spaces are limited, so make sure you reserve your place.

Published by Sara Allison

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