creating beautiful apps: Do I need funding?


Depending on how big your ambitions are, you’ll need to think whether you’re likely to need financial resources to help get your app off the ground and propel it into the stratosphere.

Whether you need funding to develop and promote your app will really depend on your own skills and how much time you have. Just as budding musicians can now launch an entire music career from their bedrooms equipped with nothing but their talent, an instrument, PC and an upload to YouTube, it is certainly possible to create a market-defining app without any external monetary backing – assuming you have the necessary expertise and commitment.

Self-sufficiency, where this is possible, is clearly the simplest path, but the process of getting your app to market is likely to take longer. You may need to make more revisions along the way too, if you get things wrong in the first place.

A few things to consider

  • The competition.If you’re building Android/iOS apps, there are hundreds of thousands of apps available. To make yours better than anyone else, you’ll need to deliver a really special user experience, and make sure the app is stable and looks professional, standing out in its design and marketing. However, if you get in early with Windows 8, you’ll make sure your app will be available at launch, customers will find it easily as you’ll be one of the first in store AND you’ll get great feedback on your app from customers beforehand to perfect it and make sure you have the best chance of making it a success.
  • Set realistic expectations. As much as you’d love to keep control of your project so you can genuinely lay claim to any success, if you have good people working with you the chances are stronger that you’ll end up with a better app than doing it by yourself.

Tip: The longer the app takes to create, the more it will cost you. Here’s a useful article to help assess what’s realistic

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