clippy.js – bringing clippy back from the dead via javascript

We know that you all lamented the death of Clippy in 2007. There was mass outpourings of grief across the globe as Microsoft unceremoniously dealt the final blow to everyone’s favourite anthropomorphic stationary-item. Babies cried. Grandmothers cried. The Critter turned himself blue and couldn’t be found for 6 months.

Well, thanks to the folks at Smore, Clippy has been resurrected from the grave, along with his cohorts Merlin, Rover and Links, in full javascript glory. What’s better is that via clippy.js, you can add Clippy to your website! That’s right, you can endlessly annoy your users with silly animations until the cows come home.

Why would they create such a thing? In their words, “Our research shows that people love two things: failed Microsoft technologies and obscure Javascript libraries. Naturally, we decided to combine the two.”

What more of an excuse do you need? Check out the project and the code here.

Published by Luke

Luke is one of Ubelly’s resident social media guys, occasionally switching hats for a bit of design. He is the in-house meme expert, uses foursquare a little too much and gets hot under the collar when it comes to design, usability and gorgeous code.

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