Write plug-in free games that work cross-browser

This week @ JSConf Microsoft announced a new partnership with Bocoup to make building web games easier for developers with a new site called BuildNewGames.com. Most developers learn how to create games through plug-ins like Flash, on Facebook, or through a set of technologies designed only for one platform like iOS. But BuildNewGames.com is dedicated to helping developers write plug-in free games using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript that provide a fast, secure experience in many browsers. This is only one initiative – over the next few months, the site will feature 50 tutorials, from the coding basics of games to how to make money across a range of platforms. Find out more here.

Published by Sara Allison

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  1. Manu

    i find the pace of this film way too slow, like it builds for sotnhmieg to happen Didn’t you see me with the happy camel at the Perl stand? I am quite sure the film was building up to all the excitement, as expressed by the happy camel wagging its tail! (at 3:41)The film is a very nice expression of all that adrenaline. I felt it too. It came back because of the film. Fosdem was an excellent conference, with over 3,000 people, happy people, serious people, eager people.

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