Design and UX assets for Windows 8

Hopefully you have the Consumer Preview and the developer tools installed. If not, take a look at my post from yesterday on Getting started with Windows 8 application development.

In this next post I want to highlight some of the resources and tools that have been created for designers. When it comes to creating wireframes or mocking up visual designs for your applications, the more professional they look the easier it is to sell the idea in to your clients, your company, even yourself. From experience I’ve found that a well mocked up visual adds a sense of confidence to an idea.

Available to download from the Windows 8 developer site are design assets for Windows 8 apps. These are in the form of layered Photoshop (PSD) files and include hand gesture graphics (useful for illustrating user interaction) and hardware outlines, toast and tile notification templates,

These are also available in the different views that you will likely be creating for your application to work with. You can also re-use many of the visual elements that make up the unique controls that are available to Windows 8 applications such as the ratings control, date and time pickers and the application bar to name a few.

Download the Windows 8 Design Assets

Windows 8 Wireframe Example

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