Building Spotify apps

Last week I was invited by Oli Wood, and the guys from Codeworks, to give a day workshop on making Spotify apps at DIBI, the two track conference in Newcastle / Gateshead.

After a panicking hour to begin with where the college (the venue for the workshops) had blocked Spotify on their local network, we finally moved to the Codeworks office.

I’m mainly using this post to add some extra links for other people interested in making Spotify apps.

To begin with, I ran through the principles of Spotify apps and their API. The code used for this can be found here:

Spotify developer account login here:

Spotify apps tutorial by @mager is here:

Spotify app concept submission is here:

We also used The Echo Nest API which gives us all kinds of information about songs, including danceability and artist radios, as well as other recommendations based on artists / songs. API docs available here:

I created Suggestify, which you can read yourself about how to make here:

I really want to see what interesting ways people come up with to discover new music. I love finding new songs, and reckon there are some awesome things people can do to help music discovery. So why not mash together danceability into a spotify radio player. I want to see what you can do.

Tweet me (@sydlawrence) with what you end up making.

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