Windows 8 Consumer Preview Demo


You may have heard the Windows 8 Consumer Preview was launched last week, along with a new set of capabilities like customisable live tiles, roaming profiles and preferences. If you’ve not yet downloaded it and had a play around then this demo from Jensen Harris, Director of Program Management for Windows User Experience gives a good overview of some of the key features and might just persuade you to take a look for yourself… for example:

  • swiping down from the top of an app closes the app
  • in IE10, swiping backwards takes you back page by page (rather than swiping between apps)
  • with a mouse clicking in the top left rotates you through running apps

It’s well worth 8 minutes of your time.

Published by Sara Allison

Sara is the editor of Ubelly - when not heads down scouring Ubelly articles for typos (and not always catching them), she's scouting for new writing talent. Give her a shout @SaraAllison if you've got something to say about development/design and want to be heard.

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  1. Chris

    This has given me some renewed confidence in Windows 8, in particular the use of it on the PC. A friend and I were debating the other day, and I came to realise that actually the loss of the “traditional” start menu isn’t really a big deal. Yes, the new metro thing is very different and, lets face it, designed for a touch interface. However, when thinking about the old start menu, for me personally it’s actually a fairly rubbish design. The only thing I use it for is accessing a program quickly – usually typing as the folders soon become a mess – which metro can still do. Apart from that about the only other button I press is shut down, so really it’s a bit of a waste of space. Can’t wait to try it out, just a shame that my “test” laptop is a netbook so the resolutions just that bit too small to try things out fully.

  2. chris

    Dont get it!!! its not worth it. It stops you internet working sometimes, makes the computer slow and does allow you to play any games!

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