Oh the humanity! Another meme update

Once again, it’s been a little while since we’ve had a meme-themed post, and it’s making me sad. Therefore, I’ve decided to take it upon myself to do yet another update of my favourite memes of the moment. What gives you the authority to comment on the academic field of memeology, I hear you ask? Well, dear reader, I have been around the internets for many a year, and have even attempted to create a meme myself (yes, 4 pictures classifies as a meme…).

Regardless, I’ve been trawling the boards of reddit and seas of cheesburger for the past few minutes to find some favourites from the past few months/a bit older than that.

Cooking with Skrillex


If you don’t know who Skrillex is, he is Sonny Moore, a once-upon-a-time high pitched emo singer turned dubstep producer and superstar deejay. He has made the concept of wub wub a top 40 thing, and therefore deserves to be ridiculed on the internet with no punches pulled. My personal favourite is the simple, yet brilliant, Cooking with Skrillex. Take one part Skrillex photo of Sonny ‘dropping the bass’, as the kids call it, add in a dash of photoshopping skills and three parts cooking photography et voila, you have cooking with Skrillex.

However, I just like it because it’s photoshopping with dubstep/food puns.

Notable examples:

submitted by stanleyfuckingdo submitted by danny 

Karate Kyle

Karate Kyle is the kid I wish I was in high school. While those who are affected by bullying may have learnt karate and adopted a Chuck Norris style attitude, I chose to resort to Broadway musicals and hang out with the girls. True story (see next meme).

Karate Kyle is my new hero, much in the vein as my other hero, PTSD Clarinet Kid.

Notable examples:

  Karate Kyle

True Story

So, this one time I was walking down the street, when all of a sudden a bear jumped out from in between two houses. This bear just started running towards me, roaring like a bear does. Not knowing what to do, and being totally immersed in the music pumping through my headphones, I pulled my headphones off, and placed them on the charging bear as the bass dropped. The bear turned into a cat. True story.


Yes, this is dog

Yes, this is dog is by far my favourite meme of the moment. Is it because it reveals the fragile state of our current economic climate and how that affects the home lives of millions upon millions of ordinary people? Is it because it’s a harsh but fair commentary on the role that technology plays in our lives, and how society would crumble if we were ripped violently away from our computer overlords?


It’s because it’s a dog pretending to be peoples.

It’s even better when it’s paired with Sloths trying to be peoples.

I know we’ve missed a million and one memes. We were going to cover them all, but then we took an arrow to the knee.

What are the ones we’ve missed that you love?

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