Ampersand – The Web Typography Conference

This week saw the launch of this year’s Ampersand Conference website, which has the likes of Erik Speakerman (who we interviewed a few months ago), Jake Archibald from Lanyrd and Elliot Jay Stocks.

We’re heading down to the conference in a few months time to cover it for the site, but for now wanted to highlight the gorgeous site that the Clearleft guys have put together.

The nice thing about the site is that uses very little trickery, just employing some nice web typography, along with a little Text Resizing script. Of course, because of the current state of web typography and the lack of any real elegant solutions, the majority of the html code is filled with a plethora of span tags. However, in saying that, the css is rather lean, and shows off a good example of choosing a limited set of fonts and a simple colour palette, employing some very nice font pairings (mmm… font pairings…) throughout the site. The only thing that I see missing is the use of something like lettering.js to do some crazy-style web typography…

Anyway, go and check the site out. Tickets are only £125+VAT and go on sale next Tuesday, but remember to snap yours up, as it usually sells out. Check back on the site for some pre-interviews and blog posts closer to June.

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