Music Hack Day London

Last weekend saw¬ Music Hack Day¬†take over London’s Barbican Centre. While we couldn’t send anyone along from Ubelly, Syd Lawrence¬†went along and was kind enough to do a writeup on the event…

This past weekend saw developers from all over the world flock to London for the third London Music Hack Day. Music Hack Day is  an event organised by the guys at Six Two Productions for developers to get together for 24 hours and make something awesome.

It’s where music based companies come to show off their latest developer tools and APIs to get developers excited and make stuff. The event is a sponsored event with all food and drink supplied to keep the developers topped up with caffeine and sugar to keep some of them going throughout the night before they collapse at the end of the demo party.

The demo party was held at the end of the weekend where a whopping 61 hacks were presented to an audience of attendees, sponsors and press invites. This time around it was right after Spotify announced their new app platform. So no surprise there were many hacks involving Spotify apps and there was a team from Spotify on hand to answer any questions developers might have while trying to create their first Spotify apps.

My top 2 hacks were:

  • Notorious Siri was a iPhone 4S hack using Siri to rap the lyrics of a song.
  • CTRL is an interactive music installation allowing you to add effects and synthesizers to any piece of music. By tilting two mobile devices (in this case, iPhones) the user can manipulate the audio easily, intuitively and without the need for prior musical knowledge.

For a list of all the hacks check out the wiki.

On a side note, many people often ask me what the point of a hack day is. It’s quite simple really. It’s all about making something cool. It’s a time to learn something new and be creative. Together I and Paul King created a Kinect controlled HTML5 game: Kinect Virtual Disco Deathmatch¬†(Check out the video at the bottom). I had never hacked with a kinect before the weekend. But in less than 24 hours we had managed to create a pretty sweet kinect game and had loads of fun making it.

It is also the perfect time to speak to the developers behind the APIs when you find a bug or come across some poor documentation. You can literally work side by side with the guys making the tools you are trying to use.


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Freelance developer, part time lecturer and recently called a modern superhero by Syd loves making things. He has been known to tinker with a wide range of technologies including, html5, javascript, apis, mobile apps, and kinect hacks. Recently described by The Next Web as a "UK based web guru" *eurgh*

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