2011 .net Magazine Awards

If you work in the digital arena then there are only two awards ceremonies this year that you *have* to attend – The Critters - which was back in May – and the 2011 .Net Magazine Awards, taking place in a couple of weeks time at Madame JoJo’s in London.

The judges have been announced, you’ve had your chance to input and now the final nom-nom-nominations have been decided and it’s down to the final 3 in each category – we’ll all be finding out who the winners are on the night.

It’s great to see this year that there’s some fresh, new categories aiming to surface and recognize some of the new talent on the digital scene and we’re particularly looking forward to the brilliant newcomer and young designer and developers of the year awards – an inspired and marked change from the categories last year.

And the winners will be…

Predicting how these awards will finally stack up is going to be difficult, however, I’d hope Angry Birds doesn’t win the title of ‘Online Game of the Year’ and that Google+ doesn’t win ‘Innovation of the Year’.

For ‘Open Source App of the Year’ I’m predicting that it will be WordPress, for 2 reasons. 1) There’s been such a huge amount of effort put into improving the management of the dashboard in the last year *and now it really works* 2) Modernizer won it last year so that counts them out. Seeing as Moderniser won’t win OSAOTY I’d hope that Paul Irish does get some props for his work by picking up the gong for ‘Developer of the Year’. Personally I couldn’t choose between Stackoverflow and Github in the ‘Web App of the Year’ category – they are both invaluable to developers today and they both have to beat Wonderlist (i have post-it notes and pencils for to-do lists, I don’t need to put them into a computer so I can ignore them forever – but that’s just me).

Want to join us on the night?

Keep an eye on Ubelly.com and our Twitter stream for a chance to win VIP tickets and join us at the awards on the night.

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