Sound and Sound Reproduction: with Gareth Jones

Mobile audio is difficult. Mobile audio has historically been painfully implemented. In this short film, record producer Gareth Jones talks about how he hears the world, the loudness war and offers up some advice on how to produce sounds that work well on small speakers of the kind we have in modern mobile phones.

Published by Spooner

Creative Technologist at Microsoft in the UK working in the Developer & Platform Evangelism group, he is at the forefront of emerging technologies being developed across Microsoft and champions their deployment to developers and digital agencies. His work is focused around mobile, the web and Natural User Interfaces.

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  3. Rothchildkid

    Fantastic check this


    great new phone wish I had one

  5. IMUR

    This human does not understand the concept of context. I cannot, in good faith, say that I agree with the things that he is saying in the manner with which he is saying it.

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  7. Brian

    I agree wholeheartedly with IMUR.


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