Navigation with way-finding graphics: with Tony Howard

Metro is hugely inspired by the way-finding graphics that guide us round airports and railway stations. For this short film, I approached Tony Howard, the Managing Director of the London based Transport Design Consultancy to discuss his approach to way-finding signage.

Having previously worked as Head of Design at British Rail, more recent projects include the branding and signing projects for Sydney Metro, Bangalore Metro, St Pancras International, Bengaluru International airport and in Dubai, advising on graphics, signing and brand strategy for Dubai’s public transport system, including metro, tram, marine and airport rail services.

Published by Spooner

Creative Technologist at Microsoft in the UK working in the Developer & Platform Evangelism group, he is at the forefront of emerging technologies being developed across Microsoft and champions their deployment to developers and digital agencies. His work is focused around mobile, the web and Natural User Interfaces.

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  3. a idiot abroad

    don’t like to think after a flight & always struck with crap sign at stansted airport red or green chanel customs normally a bottle neck of dumb people me included workin it out

  4. Martin Lewis

    This design of signs just does not work effectively enough. The colours can be used in a much better way with a lower palette range. The arrows alone do not help. There have been many occasions where I have had to ask staff for directions, simply because the signs do not make sense anymore. Try looking for where you parked your car at Gatwick, and you will know that the colour system is not effective enough. My approach is logical (degree in computer science), and often I find people having to double-back on themselves to read the last sign again. I have a clearer, more simplistic and logical solution, but I’m not posting it here!

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  6. shinga

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