A DrupalCon Flavoured Wrapup

Now that we’ve had the weekend to reflect on what was in equal parts a mental and brilliant week, it’s time for a wrapup on Drupal’s big London event, DrupalCon London 2011. Being there alongside our cohorts from Redmond, we got to meet loads of Drupal developers, themers, designers, admins and site builders, provide the route to booze, sit in on a load of sessions and hand out some DrupalCon themed tees. All in all, we had a great time.

The highlight for us was definitely the brilliant sessions that we got to see, with the likes of Dries Buytaert, The Standardistas and Tom Standage giving fantastic keynotes, and far too many people to mention who gave great sessions on everything to do with the Drupal universe. Here are our writeups from the week:


The State of Drupal 2011 – Dries Buytaert

The Future of Social Media: A Historical Perspective – Tom Standage

Designing the Sustainable Web – The Web Standardistas

Other Sessions

Forensic Theming: Key Techniques to Building Effective Drupal Themes – Emma Jane Hogbin

Node.js and Drupal – Justin Randell and Howard Tyson

Explaining Drupal to Others – What is this Drew-paul thing you do? – David Needham

The Economist: An Informal Technical Drupal Case Study – The Economist Team

Extra: Interview with Robert Castelo (from the DrupalCon UK Community and DrupalCon London Coordinator)

Finally, the Great DrupalCon Pub Crawl seemed to go off without a hitch, as long as you don’t count the after hours pub being closed. However, the night ended on a high with the hardcore heading on to The Castle on Commercial Rd (for those who were too… happy to remember). The day after saw the special edition ‘I Survived’ t-shirts vanishing within about 10 minutes, as those dedicated to the sticker (and signature) hunt descended on the Microsoft booth early to grab their prize. In truth, there was far more demand than we were expecting, thus running out of tees far too early!

To celebrate here are some of our photos from the pub crawl and the event. We’ll be adding more over the course of the week, so make sure you check back, or keep an eye on Ubelly on Twitter.

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