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The days of handing in a plain, printed CV are officially over, especially when it comes to the development and creative industries. Over the past ten years more and more creative ways of presenting your skills have been coming out of the woodwork, from the brilliantly geeky to the social to the wearable. However, one in particular has caught our attention as a particularly cool way to demonstrate skills as a web developer and designer.

Sahas Katta has put together a mockup of a Windows Phone 7 to showcase his skills, complete with resume, contact details, location, social profiles and an image gallery. He even went as far to include the wallpaper screen on the front (which you have to slide up) and a settings page to change the tile colours. In fact, the only thing he seems to be missing is the WP7 animations, which is fair enough considering it all seems to be done with HTML, CSS and a little javascript (along with nice witty comments in both the HTML and CSS).

Sahas, we salute you…

Published by Luke

Luke is one of Ubelly’s resident social media guys, occasionally switching hats for a bit of design. He is the in-house meme expert, uses foursquare a little too much and gets hot under the collar when it comes to design, usability and gorgeous code.

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