What Web Apps meant at MIX ‘11

An interesting week… For those who were able to drag themselves away from the casino there was some tech-y stuff going on in Vegas. Here’s our favourite Web Apps stuff from the event, beginning with some of our CMS friends:


clip_image002DotNetNuke and Azure: Taking Your Business to the Cloud: Watch Shaun Walker talk about the what the cloud really means to enterprises, in a practical sense including the top 10 reasons why businesses of any size should consider moving there. Shaun also covers off how you can use the open source ASP.NET CMS DotNetNuke to design and deploy feature-rich business websites on Windows Azure.




Walking the Razor’s Edge with DotNetNuke: Charles Nurse talks about WebMatrix and how it makes it that much easier to develop websites – focussing mainly on the Razor syntax (a new scripting engine that ships as part of WebMatrix which is designed to minimize the number of characters and keystrokes required when writing code) and like Shaun, delves into how this works in a real-world scenario for DotNetNuke.

What’s just been announced?

Plenty. Top headlines are:


clip_image002[6]Building Your Web Sites with Kentico CMS on Windows Azure: Today, Kentico is in use by almost 6000 websites in 84 countries as an on-premise or hosted solution. Delivered as a Visual Studio solution, Kentico CMS includes 34 out of the box modules all on top of a SQL Server backend. Watch Thom Robbins run through how to build a scalable solution with Kentico on Windows Azure.


What’s new with kentico



Sharpen Your Web Development Skills with Razor and Umbraco CMS: Razor again, but this clip_image002[8]time with an Umbraco flavour – watch Niels wear a crazy t-shirt whilst walking through how to create dynamic sites with clean markup and managed content, using the vast array of Razor functionality. Umbraco powers over 85,000 sites and is one of the quickest growing open source CMSes out there – definitely worth watching.



Life in the Fast Lane: Rapidly Deploy Umbraco CMS on Windows Azure:   Cloud, cloud, cloud… common theme appearing here?  Using the Windows Azure Accelerator for Umbraco Paul demonstrates how simple it is to deploy the pre-configured cloud-drive image along with local SQL Server (and SQL Express) database schema and data to SQL Azure. Also, using Full IIS in Windows Azure to host multiple Umbraco instances on a single Windows Azure instance – thereby reducing the costs to run Umbraco sites in a scalable and highly available cloud environment. Case studies too…

what’s new with umbraco

General web stuff

Kinect demos with the Channel 9 team: Might seem a funny one to include but imagine using a Kinect to navigate through web sites… Take a look and imagine some of the possibilities.



Hacking with the F12 Developer Tools:Our very own Martin Beeby talking through some of the functionality in IE9 to fix compatibility issues, increase site performance and general issue resolutions. A ton of demos, exploring the inner guts of the browser and plenty of code. Get the hell in.





what’s new with webpi and webmatrix?

  • Support for targeting IIS vs. IIS Express via contextual installs
  • Support for a &referrer-tag on <trackingURL>
  • SQM support
  • WebMatrix upgrade that notifies users when an update is available
  • Click here for more info

Special offer

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