Two 3D technologies combined for awesome Kinect hack

We have seen some pretty exciting Kinect hacks since people starting fiddling around with the device and expect to see plenty more when the SDK is released. Some of our favourites include the Echo Lake music video and the amazing Dancing With Invisible Light Kinect artwork.

Now a creative team have taken advantage of the latest 3D technologies around, using Kinect and a 3D printer to create statuettes of people in a campaign ‘Become Your Own Souvenir’.

By hooking up a 3D printer to Kinect, blablabLAB were able to print out a person’s image when they struck a pose for the camera. So now the code-monkeys are the artists.

This hack may look complicated, after all 3D printers are not so easy to come by. But if you would love to give it a go, make sure you check out MakerBot – the affordable open source home 3D printer! We were thinking of creating a chess board; one side Spooners and the other Beebys ;)

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5 Comments So Far, what do you think?

  1. Spooner

    Spooners would win!

  2. thebeebs

    Hell No! Beebys army would win! Fo Sure!

  3. thebeebs

    BTW the music in that video is Yeasayer – Ambling Alp – We had them play at the IE9 launch party

  4. vishnu

    your blog is greatly designed

  5. ElmerPHall

    Chess game helping kids grow mentally! Many schools are now finding chess as an inexpensive but essential way of helping kids grow mentally.

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