Ubelly’s guide to the Royal Wedding

The #royalwedding (keep it tech) is fast approaching, with only hours to go! Anyone sticking around to watch the wedding, or even planning to join the crowds in London will probably be grateful for a few tips on how to make the most of the day – something technology is perfect for. Despite claims that signal-blocking technology would be put in place during the ceremony (and therefore blocking access to Twitter) the Royal Wedding is going to be a very tech friendly affair. Here are our top tips for enjoying the day to the max:


You may not have received an invitation to the ceremony, but that doesn’t stop you from at least checking in. If you are heading over to London for the day then make sure you check in to Westminster Abbey – if you are lucky the Royal Family may check in too… something to tell your friends.


No event would be complete without a tweet or two. And tomorrow there are likely to be millions, so jump on the bandwagon and get using that hashtag (#royalwedding). Maybe someone will do something cool with it (like printing out tweets maybe) which you could be a part of.

One’s life is for sharing

Give respect to T-Mobile. Even if you are not on the network, their Royal Wedding advert is classic comedy gold and deserves another look, right now.

Royal apps

Whip out your Windows Phone 7 and catch up on the latest news, pictures and videos from the big day. The various Royal Wedding apps are perfect for those out and about who want to catch up on the wedding, but might not fancy staying at home or joining the mass crowds in London. Some key apps include Hello! and MSN’s Royal Wedding apps, as well as the stream on LiveShare.

Watch it, minus the TV

TV is so 1950’s. You don’t watch programmes on there anymore.. the internet is where it is at. Especially now that most people have pretty decent internet connections, live streaming may be the best way to view the Royal Wedding.

There are two internet TV options that most people will go for. BBC’s iPlayer is the obvious choice – it is fast, reliable and probably the same as the TV coverage, good for those who may not have access to a TV (as we said, they are so 1950’s anyway).  The second option is YouTube. In a very on-trend move the Royals have decided to live stream the wedding on the service – the biggest event it will have ever streamed. This will be the best option for users outside of the UK who may not be able to access the iPlayer… let’s just hope it can cope.

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