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I’m always excited when a new, gorgeously designed app comes along for Windows Phone. The panorama allows for some very lovely UX that, in my opinion, is unrivaled amongst the mobile platforms. Flickr released their Windows Phone 7 app last month and it definitely falls within this category.

Basically, you can do just about anything you would normally do on Flickr within the app, but the real kicker is that the experience is really rather nice, using the panorama view to great effect. You can do all the things you’d expect, such as check recent activity, view yours and friends recent uploads, in-app uploading with geo-location data attached, as well as explore popular content from Flickr. In addition, the app is optimised for the hi-res display, with the ability to zoom into the full resolution photo as much as you want.

I’ve been using a Flickr app on another device recently and, to be honest, it feels a little outdated and cramped. If you have a Windows Phone 7, then download the app and give it a go. It also comes with the rather nice price tag of… nothing.

FlickrWindows7 2 CES 2011: Yahoo! Inc. Introduces A Revamped Flickr For Windows 7 Mobile DevicesAt the same time as releasing the Windows Phone app, the Flickr guys also released a Windows 7 app that does just about everything you’d expect, with the added bonus of ‘Context View’ for slate devices, which provides a new way for you to get the ‘full story’ behind the photo, with group, set and nearby photo information being provided with the photo.

Have you given either Flickr app a go? What are your thoughts?

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