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Stumbled upon an amazing concept pen this morning that should have any sketchers out there salivating. Jinsun Park has designed a pen that scans colours from anywhere, convert it into RGB and have it available to draw with instantly. All you do is place the colour sensor at the top of the pen against whatever you want the colour of and press the scan button. The RGB cartridges inside will mix the ink and you are ready to go. This way you’ll be able to capture the colour of the world around you in a ridiculously easy way.

My first question arises around the ink it creates. Does it create a reservoir of the chosen colour? If so, what does it do when you want a new colour? If it creates ink on the fly, is there a delay from the ink being created to when it comes out? Otherwise I think this is an amazing concept and I hope somebody makes it soon.

Just imagine how easy it would make sketchnoting?

color picker color picker

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  1. David

    This is awesome, it looks so pretty! A bit of a step up from the old fashioned multi-colour pens.. ;)

  2. Stormy

    There’s a fairly major problem with the initial concept… how does it make yellow? Perhaps needs to use CMYK rather than RGB…

    Pedantry aside, a beautiful concept, and I would love to see this become a reality.

  3. Luke

    Maybe it actually paints in light… now THAT would be awesome.

  4. andrew

    A similar color picking device is coming to market.. checkout

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