2 Months Free Windows Hosting

Windows PHPOne of the things we get asked a lot is “Can I build and deploy my PHP app on Windows as well as I can for Linux?”, which is why we loved chatting with people at the PHP UK Conference in London on the 25th Feb. The short answer is “Yes”.

Want to try it for yourself? For a limited time, when you purchase 12 months you also get 2 months free on all Fasthosts Virtual or Dedicated Servers on Windows. Fasthosts Virtual Servers now have a clustered server approach with RAID protected SAN storage eliminates downtime caused by service interruptions. They’re WebMatrix ready and already have the Microsoft Web Platform Installer so getting up and running is crazy simple.

Why try running PHP on Windows? You can make sure you’re opening the doors to all kind of sites, apps and not turning down any opportunities. The latest version of PHP for Windows benefits from a a deep collaboration between the PHP Core Maintainers and Microsoft. Improvements to this latest version of PHP for Windows include:

  • Compiled using our latest VC9 compiler (PHP 5.2 used VC6)
  • Optimized API calls (using Win32 instead of POSIX)
  • All PHP libraries built from the source code
  • Loads of compatibility fixes to improve speed and stability

To get the offer, call 0844 583 2496 and quote FHSPARK2. This offer is only available by phone, and while stocks last.


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