Great Windows Phone 7 Session Videos

Back in October at an Odeon Cinema in Manchester, a community event dedicated to Windows Phone 7 development was held with speakers such as Andy Wigley and Rob Miles (who delivered the Windows Phone 7 Jump Start training), Andrej Radinger, Tricky Bassett and Maarten Struys.

“This event is all about Windows Phone 7. One day of demo-rich presentations where you can learn about developing Silverlight and XNA apps for Windows Phone. Come along and get ready to share in the excitement of the launch of this brand new phone platform.

On the day you’ll hear from speakers and MVPs from Appa Mundi and the .NET developer community including some of the top-rated speakers from Tech Ed!”

All the videos are available to watch on-demand on Channel 9.

Here’s the full agenda:

And to give you a flavour, here’s Andy Wigley talking about integrating with device capabilities…

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